Soda, the social research agency.

Soda effectively attracts respondents and swiftly delivers quantitative insights by means of the unique software and research method.

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What is Soda?

Soda provides answers to the most diverse range of research questions. It is a research tool that uses unique software and research methods that enables clients to effectively attract and engage with respondents and swiftly receive quantitative insights. The research population can be entirely tailored to the wishes of a client, based on (for example) age, gender, brand engagement as well as campaign contact.

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Soda can answer a wide variety of research questions.

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What our clients are saying

Melvin Gaal
Sr. strategist online communication, KPN
Fast and easy to use
'Soda allows for quick and easy measuring of the brand effects of your campaign.'
Kim Duivens
Senior Communication Planner, Carat
'Thanks to Soda, we now have a cost-efficient way to measure the communication effects of online video and written content. With this, our campaigns are evaluated more thoroughly and can be optimized to reach a higher level.'
Lotte Meinesz
Manager Brand Partnerships, Wayne Parker Kent
Provides our clients with a better understanding
'Through our partnership with Soda we are able to structurally measure the effects of our branded content campaigns, which provides our clients with a better understanding of the added value of our work.'
Laurens de Roode
Business Planning, Mindshare
Synergy with our offline data
'We used Soda to gather a variety of valuable learnings about the ins and outs of social, such as the effects on brand image and proposition awareness. Additionally, Soda helped us to achieve seamless synergy with our own offline data.'

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“With our unique research tool, Soda quickly delivers valuable insights.”

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