What is Soda?

Soda researches help determine whether an online campaign achieved the desired results and can be used as a tool to adjust current content or to apply the advice and learnings in future strategies.

Soda advances further than the ordinary social metrics of engagement (e.g. likes, shares and comments) and investigates the quantitative insights closer for continuous optimization of content and strategy.

How does Soda work?

Based on client data, campaign contact and/or sociodemographic information, the target market is approached through an advertisement on their Social Media feed to participate in an online Soda research.

This research can be launched through various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and display advertising. Moreover, Soda can launch the research from own channels, such as e-mails and newsletters.

Participants are surveyed through the Soda platform, which allows for continuous real-time tracking of the progress of the research in the client dashboard. The Soda platform is developed to be used optimally on a desktop, mobile device and tablet.

The Soda promise


The perfect solutions for all your research questions. Whether you’re interested in effect assessment or a target market analysis, Soda offers a fitting solution to it all.


Gain direct insights to adjust or verify your content and advertising strategies.


The client dashboard allows for real-time insights that can be viewed online. It is easy to set up on a frequent basis for continuous Always-On measurements.


Soda’s research software can be altered by the development team to adhere to specific requests, making it a perfect fit for every desired research. For example, the software can be adjusted during a research to expand to a bigger or different target audience.

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“With our unique research tool, Soda quickly delivers valuable insights.”

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